Naomi Judd always presents a happy face to the world, but in a new memoir the country legend opens up about a secret struggle with crippling depression.

Judd is the author of several previous volumes, including a 1993 autobiography titled “Love Can Build a Bridge, ” which was made into a popular television movie.

Her latest book is “River of Hour: My Descent Into Depression and How I Emerged With Hope, ” in which she writes about suffering flashbacks that derived from sexual abuse she suffered as a child, years of psychiatric hospital treatments and pharmaceutical medication poisoning. The memoir paints a darker picture of Judds life than she has previously shared with her fans.

Judd reveals that shortly after the 2010 Judds reunion tour concluded the following year, she fell into a debilitate depression that caused her to believe she should end their own lives. She says she spent the next two-and-a-half years undergoing therapy in psychiatric hospitals, dealing not only with severe depression but also panic attacks, PTSD, toxic narcotic poisoning and addiction.